Each of our flexible workforce solutions have been designed to specifically benefit automotive suppliers and manufactures by boosting productivity, adapting to revised production schedule requirements, and retaining talent that can differentiate you from your competitors.

Talent Recruiting. Our recruiting and talent acquisition services specialize in identifying the right personnel to fill job openings within the Automotive and Manufacturing industry.   Recruiting and screening candidates can be an expensive and resource-taxing phase in the hiring process, yet it is one of the most critical steps in the pursuit of attracting new employees capable of making an immediate and lasting contribution to your organization.

Save the cost and time associated with conducting searches to establish a pool of viable candidates for your job openings.  By leveraging our extensive network of resources, we will work with you, and your Human Resources Team, to attract and hire the people best suited to align with your hiring objectives.  Our talent acquisition and recruiting services include a Placement Guarantee*, so there is no obligation or commitment if we don’t deliver the right candidate.

Resident Manufacturing Support.  Our resident personnel teams located at Tier 1 and OEM automotive assembly plants throughout North America, are dedicated to representing your interests, protecting your program quality scorecard and boosting your reputation for exceptional customer service.  Resident manufacturing support personnel are distinguished specialists at their respective service locations, and understand the process, people and finished products at your customers location.

We have designed our resident manufacturing support program with flexibility as the key cornerstone of this service.  To meet the unique challenges inherent to your automotive program and the constant ebb and flow of customer activity levels at the actual service location, we can provide a local resource to meet your specific needs.  From full-time to part-time.  From temporary launch coverage to product life-cycle program support. Whether your considering a full-time dedicated resource, or prefer to use a shared-resource, to advocate your interest and represent your team, our resident workforce solution can deliver the local results both you and your customer expect.


* The specific terms and conditions of the Placement Guarantee are expressly defined within our Recruiting & Talent Placement Terms of Service.