About Us

What We Do.  Our team’s extensive experience working with Tier 1 suppliers and Original Equipment Manufactures within the automotive industry is the primary attribute that distinguishes us from other service providers.  From our recruiting process to the policies that guide the daily activities of our customer advocates and resident manufacturing support personnel, RBO possess a comprehensive understanding of the automotive industry and employs unique insights that compel sustainable success at local service locations — allowing us to consistently deliver optimal workforce solutions for you and your customer.

Where We Do It.  From Ontario to Texas, and everywhere in-between, we can help you identify and retain the best personnel available to advance your business-critical mission and achieve your manufacturing performance objectives.  Although we are located just outside Detroit, Michigan, our active associate roster is comprised of local experts representing our customers’ programs at most OEM assembly plants throughout North America.  Contact us today to confirm the presence of our team, and the extent of our established relationships and resources, at your desired service location.

Why We Continue To Do It.  When you succeed, we succeed.  This is not a new concept in the professional services industry, however it does capture the absolute essence of our Mission.  When you decide to partner with our team, we are committed to assisting you in the pursuit of new and renewed business.  As such, you can trust that we will work tirelessly to identify a workforce solution that can simultaneously improve your program profitability and ultimately promote your reputation for delivering exceptional product support and customer service.